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Seamless event registration

Delegate Connect understands that event registration isn't one size fits all. That’s why our platform has the ability to segment your delegate registration into hundreds of categories, or just one if that’s all you need.


Segment audience types

Once your attendee has selected their ticket type, you’re able to ask as many or as few questions about them as you’d like. This invaluable feature gives event organisers the opportunity to collate data before the event has even begun. Once ticket types are selected, event organisers can implement content restrictions and offer add-ons. The registration feature is all housed on the platform. From registration, delivery and on-demand video content after your event, it’s all housed in one place.

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Apply multi-zoned taxes

Another great feature is that you have the ability to apply different taxes to each ticket type. Therefore if you’re delivering a global event, the registration process makes it seamline for you and your delegates as the applicable taxes are applied at the time of registration. Not only this but your delegates can pay in many different ways, for example: 

  • Paid tickets
  • Free tickets
  • Single registration
  • Credit card payments
  • Invoice payments
  • Deposit payments

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