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Execute Multilingual Events & Conferences

Delegate Connect is able to automatically translate your entire event experience and caption live content into multiple languages.  This enables event organisers to create accessible, inclusive and international events with ease. 

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Seamlessly switch between different languages

The Delegate Connect event platform takes all of your content and automatically translates it into all other languages enabled for your event. If you are entering text in French, but publishing it in several languages, the content will automatically translate to all other languages. Once configured, all of your content will be translated and updated in real-time. We support over 16 languages including French, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, & Russian, and we are adding new languages all the time!

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Translation in one click

Delegates can instantly translate the entire event platform via the language switcher. All elements of the event experience, from the navigation menu to email notifications, can be automatically translated into the delegate's chosen language. Translatable elements include but are not limited to:

  • Agenda
  • Menus Items
  • Questions & Answers
  • Invoices
  • Emails
  • Browser Notifications
  • Speaker Profiles
  • Sponsor Booths

Dedicated broadcast professionals

Whether you need CART open captioning, AI-generated closed captions in one or more languages, Sign Language Interpreters (SLI), or a combination of all three, our dedicated team of event broadcast professionals can guide you on the best configuration for your event and platform.

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Let's build your next virtual or hybrid event together

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