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Event Analytics & Reporting

Delegate Connect offers a wide range of in-depth event reporting functions, giving you accurate data about your event and attendees. Our platform enables you to report on many of the features that were implemented during your event with accurate insights and analytics.


Collect audience data on a suite of features

Our reporting tool is able to collect data on:

  • Sponsor Ad views
  • Sponsor Ad clickthrough rates
  • Livestream views
  • Networking engagement
  • Multilingual experiences
  • ePosters
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) & Certifications
  • Exhibitor engagement
  • Event session and survey report
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Measure attendee engagement

Each time an attendee takes an action or views a session or talk on the platform, it’s automatically tracked. The data collected can then be exported to either a CSV or PDF format, making it easy to see exactly what worked and what may need improvement for your next event.

ROI metrics your sponsors care about

When you implement our sponsorship features, your sponsors can create banner ads, takeover ads and sponsor profiles. Each time an attendee takes an action with any of these ads, the information is tracked. With this data, you are able to provide sponsors with warm and cold lead information, giving them valuable visibility into the ROI of their event sponsorship.

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